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Maybe you are feeling...


That you keep attracting the wrong men?

That you don't understand how men think and act?

Frustrated, distrustful and confused with dating?

Wish you knew...


How to attract a great man and build a solid, fulfilling relationship?


How to avoid falling for the wrong man before you get emotionally involved?


How dating works nowadays?


How to feel in control of your love life?

And maybe you’re thinking…


“I have tried all and I haven’t met a good guy”

Sometimes all you have tried has only helped to add to the stress of dating. You have probably tried all you knew and maybe is not the what but the how that is missing.


“I have given up on men. I don’t trust them anymore”

You know deep down you don’t want to give up your love life. You know that you deserve love but just don’t know how to attract it and keep it. Besides, you know that out there you can find men of all sorts of mindsets, personalities and backgrounds.


“I don’t believe there is a way to figure it out how to date a guy to get his love and attention”

You know there is something you are doing that hasn’t worked so far in your love life. There is something you don’t know, but so far you haven’t found what it is.

"Healthy Relationships Are The Foundation Of A Thriving Life"

Why You Can’t Leave Your Love Life To Luck?

  • Because is not only about finding someone and crossing your fingers hoping that he will be the right man now and in 5 or 10 years and beyond.

  • Because we know that the quality of our relationships is more important to our happiness than money and professional success.

  • Because you want to reduce your risk of getting divorced or getting into an abusive relationship.

Statics in the USA and Canada have shown that around 40% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce, and Google search data shows that in the US two of the three top-searched types of counselling, are for issues related to marriage and family.

What clients are saying

"Iliana's unique path on how to skim through the lesser prospects to find and keep the newly found love, helped me to notice where I am today, uncovered my past relationships and discovered what I really want from an honest and loving relationship, and how to get there. This approach was revealing."


Guylaine Regimbald

"Before coming in contact with Iliana I could not break off a long term relationship that was no longer working out for me. 

Thanks to the insights of Iliana, I pushed myself to end this relationship because I understood that if I did not end it I could not be emotionally open to meeting anyone else even if they appeared in front of me, I was not free. This resulted in my meeting someone new. 

Iliana will help you understand why your relationships are not successful and what it takes to finally meet someone who changes your life forever in a positive way."

Nathalie Primak

"Iliana gave me the tools to learn to forgive and to move forward. I would say if you really want to start this journey and you need the support Iliana is your person." 


Monica Karam

Welcome To 


End the confusion, stop guessing!

My friend there is a long painful lane where you're trying to learn all on your own with trial and error.


AND there is a fast lane! Where you can be guided by an experienced love strategist, someone that has so much to say and share about it that wrote a book about dating, "The Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating," and its Workbook. She also has a coming soon book about relationships!

The 6 Weeks group program will help you attract and keep the right partner life for life! 


On this program...


  • You will discover how to get it right from the beginning. I will guide you step by step so you attract and keep the man you really want.


  • You will finally understand men and why they do what they do, and say what they say. Big AHA moments for you! 


  • How to spot the early warning signs that a potential mate isn't a good match for you.

  • You will discover how dating really works. Clear strategies. Do’s and don’t’s.

  • You are going to know all the strategies I have personally use to master dating and attract the love life of my dreams. I will share it all with you.

  • The questions you should ask upfront to establish compatibility and a great connection

  • How to tell if you’re in the right relationship


Program Details


Preparing Your Dating Path

  • You will get crystal clear on your needs and wants in a relationship. By the time you go through this module, you will know exactly what relationship and man you want to attract.

  • You will discover the hidden traps when dating a new man and how to avoid them. 

  • Discover what a loving relationship is all about. We'll explore the misconceptions & the universal components you need in your relationship to make it a blissful experience.


The Love Formula

  • Understand how men fall in love. This is the secret to make him addicted to you. Here is where you discover how to make him committed to you!

  • We will go over the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY you have to do to become his dream girl. Major game-changer!

  • You will finally understand why some men are harder to catch & what you can do about it.


Assess Compatibility

  • This module is your hero, your protector, this module alone is worth the entire course. You will discover if the man you're dating is worth your heart and your time.

  • Discover when is the best time to get the most important information and the way you should approach him.

  • Learn what are the questions you should ask upfront to establish compatibility and a great connection.


Successful Dating

  • My personal strategies to help you become a dating master. The dos & don'ts of offline and online dating.

  • All about your first date. You will know what to do before, during & after. Clear do's & don'ts.

  • How to navigate the crucial first 3 to 6 months of dating. You will also discover the WHEN, the WHAT and the HOW of texting, emailing and calling.

Once you finish this program you will have all the clarity to go out dating knowing that you are 100% in control of your love life and its outcome. 

  • ​​Four powerful but simple to follow modules. The modules will be spread out in 6 weeks. ONCE THE PROGRAM IS FINISHED YOU WILL STILL HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE VIDEOS AND RESSOURCES. 

  • Each module will be presented to you with video presentations - The easiest way to learn anything -


  • You will get worksheets and checklists to help you get clarity and achieve your love goals


  • 2 super bonuses


What is your investment?


Before I tell you the price let me tell you that my One-On-One coaching programs sell for $1997


But you can have the same program in a group setting for this introductory price of only $697


My friend this is the opportunity to grab it for this price... 


Don't let your love life to luck, your future depends on it!


One payment of


  • Attract True Love Group Program​

  • Plus bonuses 

Bonus 1


You get my book "The Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating" Get It Right This Time, Attract The Love You Want, Fall In Love For The Right Reasons, And Prevent Dead-End Relationships. (Digital format)

Bonus 2

You get the Workbook "The Empowered Woman's Dating Workbook" Get Your Answers And Start Attracting The Love Life Of Your Dreams. (Digital Format)

Why Can I Help You?

Even if today I can guide you in your love journey and I find myself in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, there was a time when I was in abusive, energy depleting relationships. I remember one day felt a deep pain in my chest and there I said: "no more."  The truth is that nobody knows what a bad relationship can do to you until you are in one. 


After countless years of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. I started having massive breakthroughs.


Since then I've developed a clear framework to attract and keep the loving relationship of my dreams. It wasn’t luck! I followed a clear path and it's the same path that has already helped other women to attract and keep the love life of their dreams and that's why I'm so passionate about helping you in your journey to true love.


Iliana Sanchez

Founder of LoveMasteryLife 

One payment of


  • Attract True Love Group Program

  • Plus bonuses 

Answers to your FAQ'S


When can I attend the course?

Whenever you want my friend. It's all online. Yuhua! Do it at your own pace and repeat the lessons as much as you like. The program is yours forever. 


How will I get access to the program? 

Once you enroll in the program you will get access to a dedicated community where I will be presenting the modules for the coming 6 weeks.

How much do I have to invest in this program per week?

The idea is that you finish this program in 6 weeks and it requires about 2 hours per week of your time, but remember that the program is yours forever so you can do it at your own pace.

I don't have time during the day, how can I do the program?

No worries my friend, the videos will be posted and always available for you to watch whenever you want.


Can any woman do this program?

Yes, this program is for any woman that is interested in mastering dating and attract the love life of their dreams. You can be in your 20's or in your 60's, age is not relevant for the universal knowledge I will share with you.    

What if I'm already in a relationship, can I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely, your dating experience it's not over when you're in a relationship. With every module, you will understand better how to attract and keep a blissful relationship.

When does the course start and finish?

The course will be launched on April 10, and you will have lifetime access, so you can start and finished whenever you want.

Can I access the course from my phone?

Absolutely. You can access it from any mobile device and from your desktop. 

Still, got questions? Contact Me ;) 

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