Find all the answers to master your love life in the collection of books and workbooks that Iliana has created for you.

Wish you knew how to attract a great man and build a solid, fulfilling relationship?

Want to avoid the frustration, confusion and anxiety of dating? 

Want to know how to avoid falling for the wrong man before you get emotionally involved? 


Get your book for only:

Ebook $4.99

Paperback $9.57


You have taken the decision to take charge of your love life!

This workbook will help you organize your thoughts and ignite action steps that will become your love and dating plan. 

Inside this workbook, you will find: 
Questions regarding your dating & love experience, so you start taking charge of both!


The chapters are in sync with the chapters of the book: "The Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating."

Understand your real needs in love with this journal for self-exploration.


You know the answers are inside yourself, but you need to get them out in black and white.


This journal will help you attract and keep a wonderful, loving and fulfilling relationship!


Inside this journal:

  • Journal prompts 

  • Checklists

  • Meditation ideas

  • List creation ideas to bring awareness and appreciation to your life


EWgD-The book

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