Start attracting your best match!

Build a solid relationship with the most important person: YOU and stop the confusion of love, dating & relationships


  • Understand your real needs in dating & in love with this journal for self-exploration.

  • You know the answers are inside yourself, but we need to get them out in black and white.

  • This Journal was created specifically to help you master your dating life and start a wonderful, loving a fulfilling relationship!

  • This Dating Journal will help you identify if you are with the right partner. 

  • Journal prompts 

  • Checklists

  • Meditation ideas

  • List ideas to bring awareness and appreciation to your life 

  • What you really need to know to attract your best match?
  • How to set your relationship for success from the start?
  • How to select the right relationship? 
  • Recognize the 6 traits you want in a partner 
  • Recognize the 6 traits you have to avoid in a partner
  • How To Know If A Man Is Really Into You?
  • What to do in case he starts pulling back? (If you have followed the advice of the book "THE EMPOWERED WOMAN DATING GUIDE" you will never need to worry about this section unless a friend needs your advice)
  • 30 Empowered Women Principles to become irresistible to any man
  • 14 Questions you have to ask a man before you get emotionally involved. (This will help you uncover his real intentions and discover if he's worth your heart and time)
Because nobody knows what a bad relationship can do to you until you’re in one. Only a woman that has been there and has completely uncover the secrets about what exactly is needed to be on the other side to be successful in love can tell you as it is. Iliana invested over 10 years researching and applying all the strategies to become an empowered woman in love and in life. 
You can find out more about Iliana on Instagram @LoveMasteryLife or on Facebook as Love Mastery Life.
Inside you will find

JOurnal for self-exploration

about the author
The journal prompts will help you identify
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