Maybe you feel stuck in your relationship...

Do you feel that the smooth and easy communication of the beginning has wear off?

You are worried and you’re constantly thinking about the last unresolved conversation you had with him and you wonder ... Can I still save my relationship? Is it worth it?

Has the fighting, neglect, or betrayal in your relationship caused so much pain and distance that you wonder if you can ever get back and have a healthy and caring connection with your partner?

What you want is...

No matter the situation of your relationship you want to be able to fix the hurt, the communication issues and enjoy a healthy and fulfilled relationship.

You don’t want to break up or get divorced. You want to be in a relationship were the communication is effortless, respectful and ignites connection.

What you want is to communicate in a way you feel heard and valued. A communication that actually improves the quality of your relationship everyday.


You want to feel that you can share anything and not feel blamed, guilt, criticized or punish for speaking your truth.

You also want to hear your man voicing his truth. You want him to open up to you and shares his feelings and needs with you. You want to feel him closer.


"I have already talked to him in so many different ways and it only gets worst"

You have used “your” best lines, “your” best intentions, but all that has only gave you more disappointment and resentment towards him.

"I feel left high and dry. I don’t know what else could helps us at this point"

You’re probably so hurt that the thought of fixing your relationship is even more painful. I get it, but you know deep down in your heart that all your problems come from the way you two communicate or don’t communicate... am I wrong?


"I need to change myself or change him or both, in order to make it work for us again"

What if I would tell you that you don’t need to change yourself or him at all. You only need to apply the effortless communication strategies.


"I have tried some advice but it didn’t really worked"

You have probably tried one or couple of strategies and you didn’t have the results you expected, so you simply gave up.

You might be thinking

Even if you...

You have already tried certain strategies or moves in the past and felt that the more you’ve tried the more you felt it was a lost cause.


BUT... You didn’t get the desired results because most frankly my dear, you don’t need a band-aid. What you need is a full proven set of strategies that invites, love, respect, connection and emotional intimacy. This is what I call: "effortless communication."


You feel that is not only your responsibility to put on the effort to fix the relationship problems. You want that he gets involved and proactive.


The truth is most men will do anything to avoid any kind of emotional confrontation. They don’t feel adequately equipped with the communication toolkit we (women) have. But when you learn how to communicate effortlessly... his fear to communicate lessens, his guard goes down and he starts to open up.


I understand that all you want is to find love and connection and enjoy a loving, caring and fulfilling relationship that doesn't collapse at the first obstacle or that wears off over time. I totally get it. I was wishing that for a long time too.

I’m a love survival. I’ve raised from the ashes of desperation, anxiety, pain, and the confusion that relationships and all its entanglements can provide.


The truth is that nobody knows what a bad relationship can do to yourself until you are in one. Nobody can understand how hard it’s to move on and start over again, only you! 


I’ve invested countless hours of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. Then it happened, after many years I started having massive breakthroughs.


All my research together with my experiences helped me develop a clear framework to attract and have the loving relationship of my dreams... No, it wasn’t luck! I followed a clear path and it's the same path that has already helped many other women attract and have the love life of their dreams and I hope you join us in this journey of rediscovery, breakthroughs and bliss.

Thanks to my 20 + years experience helping women with their physical and emotional wellbeing I've been able to see them transform their lives and with this same approach I want to help you transform your love life into the wonderful reality you have always wished.

Iliana Sanchez

Creator of Love Mastery Life 

This is What you can expect!

when you start applying the effortless communication strategies 

Your relationship has the connection and intimacy you have never imagine possible.  You and your partner feel at ease, feel understood and more connected everyday. You are able to speak your truth and he feels comfortable doing the same. You two can finally understand each other. And you both feel closer.

Your relationship is moving forward. You feel secure, valued and loved… all thanks to the open and effortless communication you both have.


Your relationship is a source of growth. You feel understood and supported in your love life. Your energy and thoughts shift towards a place of continuous optimism and growth. Bye bye relationship anxiety!

Your relationship feels effortless. You can actually enjoy every minute of being together with him.

Yes my dear, all this is possible with the right strategies! 


Get ready to have the effortless communication you have always dreamed of!


Get ready to learn how to effortlessly transform your relationship!

With my 6 power modules that will teach you everything you need to know to renew the connection and enjoy an effortless, healthy and loving communication in your relationship.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is released for the first time and that means that I will be working with you to built out the program to best suit your needs. 

Program modules

Understanding The Message. This module is critical to start your effortless communication journey

How To Fix The Communication Missteps That Block Connection And Intimacy In Any Relationship    


The Fastest And Easiest Way To Feel Connected In Any Relationship & How To Be Prepared Before Difficulties Arise 

How To Request Anything In A Way Your Partner Will Listen And Cooperate

How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Partner With The CCS

The Steps To Conflict Resolution 

So, how do you put a price on the quality of your relationship? 

Well, there is no question... you can't!

Here's what I can tell you: 

If you purchase a one-on-one coaching program you'd be looking at around $1000-$1500

RESERVE your spot in this program at this introductory price of $197

One single payment of


  • Access to Renew The Effortless Communication in your Relationship Program (6 weeks of coaching) 

  • 1x 30 Minute Call of Private Coaching

  • Access to the Private Members Group

  • The CCS "Connection Communication Strategies" Report

My guarantee to you...

I know that investing is kind of scary, but I also know that this is the only way to make your dreams happen.


I truly believe this program can help you achieve the effortless communication and renew the emotional intimacy in your relationship.

For that reason I want to offer you a 14-day money back guarantee.

If the course is not right for you, just email me and let me know! I want to make this your best year ever. With nothing to lose, why not dive into the program?


Your bonusES... 

Bonus # 1

Get a hand on my personal CCS "Connection Communication Strategies" Report!

You will have access to all my strategies to be successful in your relationship.

Bonus #2

A 30-Minute Coaching Call with me to help you speed up the process.

Answers to your FAQ'S


How I'm going to have access to the program?

Once you sign up, I will send you the link to get access to the Private Members Only Facebook group, where I will broadcast a live video every Monday at 4pm ET, from March 26 to April 30. 2018. The video will be posted in the private group for you to access it at any time. 


How the information is going to be released?

I will release one module per week on a live broadcast. Don't worry if you can't make it to the live stream, the video will be posted for you to have access at any time and take as many notes as you need.


How much time should I invest in this program?

Actually you can go at your on peace.  Each module may vary from 1hr to 2 hrs. But remember you can always comeback later to finish watching and take notes, in case you're running out of time.  

Do I need to do any kind of task besides watching the videos?

You will have a weekly task to apply immediately and see the magic happen in your relationship.  This is for you to start seeing results. BUT you don't have a deadline! You can actually do it whenever you want. I just recommend to get on each week to start seeing the transformation happen.

When am I going to have access to my 30-minute Coaching Call?

Once the program has kicked off, we will schedule together your call to best suit your needs. The call can be by phone, by Skype or FaceTime. 

You mentioned that this program is release online for the first time. What is the advantage of being part of it for the first time?

I'm glad you ask! Well, If you provide feedback for this program by the end of it, I will give you the finished online program. I will produce a program with slides for you to have it forever. (Please bear in mind that the finished program might take a month or two after we finish the coaching program). 

Who will have access to the group?

Only paying members will have access to the private group. You will join a dedicated community, where we will discuss, share and get the clarity you need to enjoy a wonderful communication with your partner.

The course is priced in USD

Reserve your spot today

One single payment of


  • Access to Renew The Effortless Communication in your Relationship Program (6 weeks of coaching) 

  • 1x 30 Minute Call of Private Coaching

  • Access to the Private Members Group

  • The CCS "Connection Communication Strategies" Report

Need help ordering or have questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact me.