How To Avoid Falling Into The Wrong Relationship?

What You Need To Know To Find a Healthy and Fulfilling  Love

Are you afraid of falling for a “great guy” just to realize some time later that he’s not what you thought?


Did your last relationship seemed alright at the beginning but for one reason or another the relationship went downhill and ended up leaving you heartbroken, discouraged and confused?


Do you want to know how to avoid another loving disappointment?

Join me for chat where I will share with you how you can avoid falling into the wrong relationship, and how dating works NOWADAYS to help your love life rock!

The strategies that I will share with you are included in my book that will be published shortly. This book is the result of more than 10 years of research, and I have written it with the intention of helping women who like me want to be in a healthy and satisfying relationship.


Even if today I can guide you in your love journey and I find myself in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, there was a time when I was in abusive, energy depleting relationships. I remember one day felt a deep pain in my chest and there I said "No more."  The truth is that nobody knows what a bad relationship can do to you until you are in one. 


After countless years of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. I started having massive breakthroughs.


​Since then I've developed a clear framework to attract and keep the loving relationship I've desired. It wasn’t luck! I followed a clear path and it's the same path that has already helped other women attract and keep the love life of their dreams and that's why I'm so passionate about helping you in your journey to love.

Iliana Sanchez

Founder of LoveMasteryLife 

Where: Anticafé Vieux Port, Montreal, QC.  406 Notre-Dame Est.

When: June 2, 2018

From:  2:30pm to 4:30pm

Reserve your spot for only $20

Seminar "How To Avoid Falling Into The Wrong Relationship?"

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