Unleash Your Full Potential To Attract The Life You Love

Maybe you feel stuck in your life...

Maybe you feel you must change something inside yourself that keeps attracting the wrong people and energy, but you don’t know what and how to change it.

Maybe you are afraid of change because the last time you tried you've ended up disappointed and distrustful.

Maybe you don’t feel confident and that is stopping you from taking action. 


No matter your past, you know there is something else waiting for you

You want to stop worrying about... "where do I start again with my life?"



You want to focus all your emotional energy on building the life you have always envisioned.

You want to feel confident knowing that you have taken your life in your hands.


You want to have peace of mind knowing that you're prepared for the next possibility that presents. 

Maybe you're thinking...

"I have tried some advice but it didn’t really work"

You have probably tried one or couple of strategies and you didn’t have the results you expected, so you simply gave up.



"I have tried all and I haven't got any result"


Sometimes all you have tried has only helped to add to the stress of building a new life. You have probably tried all you knew and maybe is not the what but the how that is missing.


"I don't know if I'm ready"


The doubts are totally normal. The thought of jumping and try something new feels uncertain and your fear of failing is holding you back. But what if you do nothing and another year passes by?

Even if you...

You have already tried certain strategies or moves in the past and felt that the more you’ve tried the more you felt that your life was a lost cause.


BUT... You didn’t get the desired results because most frankly my dear, you don’t need a band-aid or bunch of them. What you need is a full proven set of strategies that trigger the results you want. This is what I call: "Mojo Mastery."


Even if today I can guide you on your wellness journey and find myself living a healthy and fulfilling life, there was a time when I was totally confused and my life seemed upside down. 


After countless years of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. I started having massive breakthroughs.


Since then I've developed a clear framework to attract and keep the life of my dreams. It wasn’t luck! I followed a clear path and it's the same path that has already helped other women to attract and keep their and that's why I'm so passionate about helping you on your journey to true love and happiness.


Iliana Sanchez

Creator of Love Mastery Life 


This is What you can expect!

when you start applying the mojo mastery strategies 

Your life starts moving forward. You start feeling the confidence and courage you didn't even know you had. 



You start releasing past negative emotions that are holding you back. Your vision of the future gets clearer and you feel more positive and with renewed hope and energy.  


Your life feels effortless. You discover what needs to be done in order to enjoy the love life you want. Bye, bye confusion!



Your relationships are smooth. You feel understood and supported in your life. Your energy and thoughts shift towards a place of continuous optimism and growth.



Yes, my dear, all this is possible with the right strategies! 



Unleash your full potential to attract the life you love!



My 4 power modules will guide you on how to attract a healthy and prosperous life that you will absolutely love.


Program modules

Module 1 - Healing & managing emotions

This module is worth the entire program, you will be guided on how to release past negative emotions that might be holding you back to enjoy a deeper level of joy and fulfillment in your life. You will also be better equipped to manage difficult emotions in your life. I will show you how you can improve your emotional fitness with step-by-step exercises. 



Module 2 - Awaken Your True Self

You will discover what is "your amazingness mojo." You will be guided on how to maximize your qualities to attract your dream life. You will discover how to strengthen your self-love muscle daily. You will be able to develop your Healthy Relationship Toolkit to attract and keep amazing relationships. 



Module 3 - Manifest Anything You Want

When you finish this module you will have discovered how to activate your brain to change your habits and get what you want from life, this is also called manifestation! 



Module 4 - Gain Confidence & Courage

Discover what confidence is all about and apply my techniques to start enjoying the confidence that will make you shine in every room. With specific mental & physical exercises, you will be able to find the hidden courage that is already inside yourself.



"Mojo Mastery is about developing the right mindset and skills to attract and to keep a healthy and fulfilling life."

That's not all!

You also get these valuable bonuses

Bonus # 1

One 45-Minute Coaching Call with me to help you speed up the process.



Bonus #2

Get a hand on my personal Tools to Connect With Your Partner To Ignite Deeper Intimacy!


Bonus #3

Founding Member Access. With this access, you will always have an extra 20% discount on all my programs and books. 

Why Is This Program Different?

The information I will share with you is backed by science, psychology and my own testing of the last 10 years.


I will share with you solid content that will give you results!

your investment

4 Training modules with videos and PDF's


Workbook & checklists


Lifetime access to all the information 


Private group access


Tools to Connect With Your Partner To Ignite Deeper Intimacy


One 45-minute call of private coaching


Founding Member Access



What I can tell you is that a one-on-one program is priced at $2040 but because is a group program it only cost $297 but you can have it today at this intro price of only $197



One single payment of


  • Access to Mojo Mastery Program 

  • Plus the bonuses

My guarantee to you...

I know that investing is kind of scary, but I also know that this is the only way to make your dreams happen.


I truly believe this program can help you create the foundation to attract a healthy & prosperous life.

For that reason, I want to offer you a 14-day money back guarantee.


If the course is not right for you, just email me and let me know! I want to make this your best year ever. With nothing to lose, why not dive into the program?

Answers to your FAQ'S


How I'm going to have access to the program?

Once you sign up, I will send you the link to get access to the Private Members Only group, where you will have access to the videos.  You can also download the videos for your personal records. I will also send you the workbook for you to print it. To finish each module will take you comfortably around 2 weeks, so the modules will be delivered at that pace. 


When does the program start?

The welcome party starts on Friday, February 15 @ 16hrs EST with a live stream on the private group, from there on you will have access to the videos and other material. The program will be delivered in order (8 weeks total) and once all is posted you can check all the info as much as you want.


How much time should I invest in this program?

You can go at your own peace.  Each module may vary from 2 hrs to 3 hrs. But remember you can always come back later to finish watching and take notes, in case you're running out of time.


Do I need to do any kind of task besides watching the videos?

You will have weekly tasks to apply immediately and see the shifts happen in your life.  This is for you to start seeing results. BUT you don't have a deadline! You can actually do it whenever you want. I just recommend you engaging in each week's tasks to start seeing the transformation happen.


When am I going to have access to my 45-minute Coaching Call?

Once the program has kicked off, we will schedule together our call. The call can be done by phone, or Skype or FaceTime or Zoom, no worries ;)  


You mentioned that this program is released online for the first time. What is the advantage of being part of it for the first time?

I'm glad you ask! Well, If you provide feedback for this program by the end of it and you allow me to post it with your name and picture, you get one additional 45-minute coaching call with me, and you will be the first one to receive a complimentary copy of my upcoming book: LOVE MASTERY JOURNAL, A Journal For Self-Exploration & Love Mastery  (The additional coaching call can be scheduled right upon receiving your feedback. The release of my second book is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019).


Who will have access to the group?

Only paying members will have access to the private group. You will join a dedicated community, where we will discuss, share and get the clarity you need to attract a healthy & prosperous life.


The course is priced in USD

Reserve your spot today

One single payment of


  • Access to Mojo Mastery Program  

  • Plus the bonuses

Need help ordering or have questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, don't hesitate to reach out