How Do You Know A Man Is Really Into You

The question most women have is: How can I know if he really feels something deep for me? And should I invest my heart and my time in a relationship with him?" After 20 years of bad relationships and 10 years of in-depth learning on the topic, one of the things that amazes me the most is how much the little details can tell about how a man really feels about a woman. Without further due, here are the most important aspects to observe in a man's attitude and communication towards you.

A man that really cares about you wants to get to know you better. Just don’t get to discourage if he doesn’t ask tons of questions, give him a hand by telling him more about you every time you meet. If he really cares he will listen to what you say because he’s genuinely curious to know more about who you are.

If a man is really interested in a deep relationship with you, he will introduce you to his world as soon as possible. It’s possible that he is shy or that he is cautious and in that case it would take him longer to introduce you to his world but his intention must be clear to you. When a man is really interested in you, you are not wondering if he has family and friends or how his world looks like. He actually wants to introduce you to his world because he wants you to be part of it. Men usually do not ask to be introduced to your world, but if he’s really interested in you he want that you introduce him to your world as well. A serious guy is worry about what you think about him so you will see a constant effort on his part to show you more and more about him and about who he really is, and that might include, his place, his job, his hobbies, his family and his friends.

Another way you will know a man is really into you and thinking long term is when he is constantly taking care of you and finding ways to improve your life, even if they are little things. He cares about your emotions and your physical wellbeing. Just think about how men and women lived in the beginning of time. Men protected the woman they care about and their children otherwise survival would have been impossible. Observe if he cares about your wellbeing, does he care about you in general. It doesn’t necessarily is going to be what you expected but what matters is the intention. Always look at his intention, because that’s what matters.

If he’s really interested in a serious relationship with you, he will respect your views and decisions and if there is a decision to be done as couple he will always include you in the decision process.

A man that really loves you wants to have you in his life full time and will eventually speak and act to bring the relationship to the next level. If he loves you he won’t be comfortable with having you just part time. It doesn’t mean that he has to marry you or move in with you after exactly one year but at least there must be the clear intention that he wants a future with you in a more serious way. And this brings me to talk about a clear red flag that shows that he is not completely engaged in the relationship. So if after one year of dating there is no sign of the relationship going to the next level. For instance, he doesn’t even bring up the topic and it seams that he doesn’t want to change anything. He’s probably just comfortable with all as it is because you are always there and you don’t care that the relationship is in the status quo. He is comfortable with the situation but that does not mean that he is in love with you. Comfort does not equal love or happiness.

A man that loves you will show affection. Now, this part gets tricky because not all human beings show affection the same way. So do not get confused if he does not shows affection the way you want, but as long as it shows he wants to connect with you and provides you with a positive emotion and it respects your boundaries, accept it. For instance he might hold your hand or caress your hair or share his emotions with you. So as you can see affection is emotional and physical. Usually men show their affection in a more physical manner but this doesn't mean they are not capable of showing it in other ways.

So now you know how to decode what he is really up to with you but you also want to see what kind of partner he will be. So even if he shows massive proof that he is really interested in you and that he is really thinking long term with you, you should also take into consideration his temper and his belief system, because even if he really cares about you and you care about him, changing someone that has bad temper or a negative charged belief system is almost impossible. If you want a happy and wonderful relationship, do set your standards and do not settle for less.

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