You Have To Be Complete To Find The Right Person

I imagine you've heard this "advice" before and I'm here again telling you that. Why? Well, I've seeing that so much confusion still exists because of this hidden notion that being in a relationship is the "way" to be happy and fulfilled as a human being and while I absolutely believe that sharing your life with another human being is a great way to live and it makes life more enjoyable in most areas of your life, of course only if you're with the right partner, but this is not the only way to be happy and fulfilled.

Throughout your life you will be full of surprises and changes and I wish you are ready for them but also I want to encourage you to enjoy each one of those life phases either if you are single or in a relationship!

Being complete means that you are satisfied in your life either if you are single or if you are in a relationship and that you are not in a rush to find the right person at all cost.

This also means that you want to share your already happy life with another positive happy human being. It also means that it is clear for you that respecting others; trusting others and yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions are the ways to be in a happy and healthy relationship. You also recognize that all what you say and do has a direct or indirect impact on your life and therefore on your relationship and of course on your partner.

Be happy, be positive, trust that there is still good people out there, surround yourself with happy, positive people, do what you love, love what you do, take time to relax, admit that giving is receiving, improve everyday, learn more about your soul, do appreciate what you already have and put less attention on what you don’t have. Be compassionate with yourself and others and finally trust and listen to your instinct. Its there to protect you, don't shut it up!

When you are happy and feel positive about your life, you become a magnet to others.

My Top 5 List To be Complete:

1. Reduce criticism

2. Increase adrenaline (yes, take a calculated risk)

3. Reduce stress

4. Increase compassion

5. Be more generous (always start with yourself! ;)

You don't need to be in a relationship to do that special trip, you can organize it with your friends.

You don't need to be in a relationship to feel amazing and to pamper yourself!

You don't need to be in a relationship to be on top of your world!

To your success in life!

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