Getting Love Ready. Second Step!

Two simple steps have helped me and others get love ready. Apply in order and you will achieve the love life of your dreams.

Last week's post was about step number one:

Work on yourself (click here to read)

This week is about step number two: Giving to others.

Step # 2 Giving To Others

All the following points are going to help you become the woman that attracts and keeps the love life of her dreams!

  • Paying attention to others needs & feelings

  • Respecting boundaries (yours and those from others)

  • Forgiving

  • Practice compassion

  • Be curious about others

  • Be the example of change in the world

  • Creativity: Create a better world for you and others around you

  • Learn to say no! Give only the necessary time to others. Do not overcompensate. Do not force yourself to stay

  • Give joyfully

And this is how you start and keep the path for a loving and fulfilling relationship. The first step is on last week's post. Step # 1 Work on yourself

To your amazing love life,


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