How to Improve the Quality of Your Relationships?

Sometimes we blame the external world for our misfortunes. While there is not always 100% justice in the world, accepting that the external forces are not to be blamed for every single aspect of our lives, is the best way towards improving our emotional state.

The other thing to remember is that a fair share of responsibility for the quality of our life and its outcomes, is dependant on us and our attitude.

The elements that influence your life are:

  • Your physical and emotional environment

  • Your purpose or lack of it

  • Your personal progress

Maybe you are improving in your life, but if your attention is always outside and looking for external reassurance, the perception of your progress can be diminished. Hence the best is to find ways to measure your progress according to your own dreams and passions.

Now, despite of all of your circumstances, the question is how can YOU start TODAY to improve your emotional fitness?

There are two parts to it:

The first part is psychological. This means that you would use things like visualization, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and the development of positive emotions like:

  • Confidence. This is when you know you can do it!

  • Acceptance. You accept the positive and negative forces as a part of your life.

  • Gratitude. You acknowledge all the wonderful things and blessings in your life.

The second part is less popular in the realm of emotional fitness, because it implies action and movement.

There are two reasons why your emotional fitness improves through action and movement.

Reason # 1

When you act, you have feelings of accomplishment.

Reason # 2

When you move your body sufficiently, the chemical reactions in your brain will boost your mood, your energy, and of course your motivation! Much of this is possible thanks to the endorphins and especially to the testosterone!

In my fitness practice my clients improve their motivation to keep moving and exercising through time.

Motivation isn't static, and it’s normal that might vary, but if movement is consistent throughout a good period of time and it’s accompanied with mental techniques, the motivation raises and can be sustained in a new baseline.

For example: From 0 to 10 (0 being no motivated at all), you start at 2, but with time, work and the right techniques, you can develop a new standard motivation baseline. Now your motivation can hold a 5 or 6, with certain days spiking to 8’s, 9’s, or even 10’s. This is a cycle.

Emotional strength is a matter of the body as well! Concentrating only on the mind only is not optimal for our emotional health. We cannot separate the body from the equation!

Here are some questions for you to think about:

  • What area of your life lacks motivation?

  • In what area of your life is most of your attention going?

  • Are you concentrating more on the mind than the body, or vice versa?

Soon or later if you’re not emotionally fit, your relationships will suffer. The first relationship that will suffer is the most important one- the one with yourself.

Bottom line, improving your emotional state will improve the quality of your relationships.

To your amazing love life!


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