How To Attract The Right Man? PART 3

On PART 1 I spoke about taking responsibility, and what security really is.

On PART 2 I spoke about what getting prepared for love looks like.

On this post I will talk about HOW TO FILTER HIM BEFORE YOU FALL FOR HIM

Let's be real, he might be wonderful “at the beginning.” But is he going to be Mr. Right in 1, 5 or 10 years and beyond?

Reality #1

To predict if he will be a great partner… Forget sexual chemistry, looks, financial stability, or common interests.

Reality #2

You need to read his personality early on and check if your lifestyle doesn’t clash with his.

My friend, you need these 3 strategies to assess if he’s worth your heart, soul and time.

Strategy #1 - You need to know what to ask him?

Answer: You go directly for the important stuff. You check if he matches your wants and needs. Yes, you go to the point!

Do you remember that in PART 1 we said that you have to know yourself deeply? Well, here is when this comes handy because when you have the clarity of who you’re and what you want, and of course you have the confidence, you are able to ask for it in a clear way.

I know this is where most women get it all wrong. They are more worried that he finds her amazing, that he perceives that she has no “agenda,” that he thinks she’s super cool and easy-going and blah, blah, blah.

The saddest part is that there are tons of books and “experts” that tell you that.” I cringe every time I hear or read that. No wonder so many women are disappointed with their love lives (sad face).

Strategy #2 - You need to know when you ask him?

Answer: The sooner the better, because is very likely that he wants to share everything about him with you. Yes, don't wait!

Strategy #3 - You need to know how you ask him?

Answer: In a nonchalant and friendly manner. You create questions in a statement, for instance: -I’m planning to change my career next year, what are your plans for next year?-

Here is an important truth for you:

Men that have high “Attraction Mojo” (aka the confident guys) have options, and not only that, those same men can fall into different categories, the emotionally unavailable, the players, the narcissistic, the (insert your fav negative trait) or the awesome ready to start a quality relationship guys.

But wait, I won’t discriminate, men with less confidence can be as well in both extremes of the spectrum, they can be high quality, ready to commit or total jerks!

My dear, if you want to avoid to fall for the wrong relationship you need to get prepared.

Raise your standards, get honest with you and with your possible match or you will run the risk to be played by a man that has no intentions to be serious with you, even if he wants you around.

You can continue down that road and continue getting poor results or you can decide to take control of your love life, because if no you, who will?

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To your amazing love life,


P.S. On the last post of these series I will share with you -How to Get PREPARED TO DATE LIKE A CHAMPION.


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