How To Attract The Right Man? PART 4

On PART 1- I spoke about Taking Responsibility and What Security really is.

On PART 2 - I spoke about what Getting Prepared For Love looks like.

On PART 3 - I talked about How To Filter Him Before You Fall For Him.

And in this the last part I will tell you HOW TO DATE LIKE A CHAMPION.

On this video, I explain how to use the concept of the Hot Restaurant vs the Easy Restaurant to win at DATING!

Check below an extract of my book, to learn more about the hot restaurant: "What Men Feel Pulled Towards To In A Relationship?" Men, in general, feel very attracted to a woman that displays her feminine essence. They feel pulled towards a woman they have to work to get her attention. So it’s not about how much you put in a relationship that makes a man desire you. It’s not about the presents you give him or the meal you cook him. What makes his desire go up for you is the amount of effort he has to put into the relationship. And the way to make this happens is with the Empowered Woman Principles, also referred to in this book as EWP. *The Hot Restaurant vs. The Easy Restaurant Experience* To go in detail about what the Empowered Woman Principles are, you have to understand the concept I call the hot restaurant experience. Think of a restaurant that is really popular and exclusive, a place everybody wants to go to have dinner. This is the hot place in town, and it’s always fully booked. Getting reservations for this place is very difficult. You need to call months in advance, and then you would be lucky to get a table. After months of you trying to go to this hot restaurant, one day you are lucky and get a reservation. You are told that the reservation will be for three months from now. You are very excited and can’t wait to get there. You fantasize about what having dinner will be like. You are so excited that you even tell your friends. You set it on your calendar with an alarm at least one week before. You think about what you are going to wear for that special moment. You might even go shopping to find something special for the occasion. You can’t wait and count down the days. Finally, the day has arrived. You are very excited. You have waited so long for this special moment. Besides the great food, ambiance and service, you are delighted, because finally, you got to live this so awaited moment. The tension that was building from the moment you got the reservation, until the moment you were sated and enjoying your meal, was finally here and you felt great. You value the opportunity, as not everybody has this chance. You feel lucky, and this moment gets imprinted in your memory. Now, think about a second restaurant with the exact same quality of food, service, neighbourhood, design and ambiance. They even have the same menu; the food has the same quality as the first restaurant. The only thing is that this restaurant is always half empty. You do not even need to call to make reservations. You know there is always a table available. The food, the service, and the place are great, but because is so easy to go there, the occasion is not special. You’re not excited about the opportunity to go there. You do not plan in advance or worry about it. You are happy to have a great meal in a great place with great service, but there is no real emotion attached to it. If someone were to ask you about the restaurant, your answer would probably be -oh the food was very good-, but there would be no additional excitement. The next day you would have even forgotten that you had dinner there because there was no emotion attached to it. This is “the easy restaurant experience.” It’s sad to see how many wonderful women become easy restaurants, and do not get the love and connection they deserve because of this little detail. Sadly, many women that become easy restaurants are indeed in relationships, but most of the time their relationship is far from great. For many women who are reading about this for the first time, it may be shocking and against their usual beliefs. Let me demystify the concept of an “easy restaurant” versus a “hot restaurant”. Becoming a hot restaurant is not about acting as one, or about manipulating a man. It actually requires a lot of self-confidence for a woman to be able to pull off this behaviour. What it means is that you are not afraid of losing your man or having to work hard to keep him. Being a “hot restaurant” is about having confidence and believing that you are great alone and in a relationship. The “hot restaurant” is you, and having that status is exactly what helps you set the magic inside a man’s heart. To be that “hot restaurant”, you have to follow the Empowered Woman Principles and enjoy its magic.

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