7 Steps To Get Out Of A Bad/Dead-end Relationship

It’s official, it’s over, you feel nothing anymore, the respect is out the window, there is no common goals or values. You don’t feel valued, cared/loved, protected and understood, period!

So you want out of this relationship but you can’t, even though you want it with every bone of your body.

My friend here is how you can develop a plan to get out and start enjoying the life you deserve.

1. Take responsibility. Sorry friend, but nobody will do it for you. We need to stop and admit that we have our share of responsibility in the matter. Don’t punish yourself just acknowledge it. This is a very important step because we can’t victims when we take responsibility for our lives.

2. Recognize your value and your right to be loved the way you deserve.

3. Admit you can not change the other person and that people hardly change and if ever, they change very little and it usually takes many many years, or they change due to a huge life crisis. But keep your hopes very low on this. People don’t change.

4. Yes, it won’t be easy, but you got this! Prepare yourself for the storm, but trust me is never as bad as we think. The best is that after the storm comes the sun. Prepare in all the areas: physical, financial but especially emotional.

5. Focus on your true wishes and desires. They matter and you should not compromise them to make anyone happy! If what you have is not in alignment with your life goals and values then admit that you are not meant to be there.

6. Develop a positive gorilla strength, get it from your soul, from your friends and from any source you can. You will need to listen to and be closer to positive people. Remember, this is your new exciting life.

7. Trust the universe and its infinite possibilities and just jump, don’t waste more of your precious time! You don’t get younger!

Stay strong,


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