How You Can Turn Love Relationships Around

Are you too nice and still struggling in your relationships?

Every year I meet July at a friends' party. She is incredibly nice, cute, smart and with a brilliant career. She just turned 40 and she confessed to a friend of mine that she wants to have children but all her relationships crash and burn.

I wish I could come and say, darling, you just need a little deep knowledge of how dating works and bum your love life will rock.

Of course, I keep my mouth shut because I have learned that if nobody asks me for help is because maybe they don’t want it, or maybe they don’t see the need (yet).

You may be curious about what I would say to Julie if she would ask me for a quick advice to turn things around:

I would tell her to stop putting him and others first.

Maybe you believe men will admire or recognize your struggle or devotion but the truth is:


They value a woman that values herself and that doesn't become a doormat.

The ones that "value" doormats are narcissistic abusers.

Value yourself or no one will do!

Set high standards and be unapologetic of them. this is all part of loving yourself and believing you are enough.


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