6 Weeks


 Personal Love & Dating Guidance

Do you feel that you keep attracting the wrong men?

Do you feel that you don't understand men?

Do you feel frustrated, distrustful and confused with dating?


Wish you knew...


How to attract a great man and build a solid, fulfilling relationship?


How to avoid falling for the wrong man before you get emotionally involved?


How to live the love life of your dreams?  


There is the long painful lane. This is the one where you're learning all on your own. 


AND there is a fastlane! Where you can be guided by an experienced love strategist (someone that has so much to say and share about it that wrote a book about dating and has a coming soon book about relationships!)

Welcome to


Personal Love & Dating Guidance

No more confusion, no more guessing!


6 Weeks of my personal guidance will help you attract and keep the love life of your dreams! 


On this coaching program...


  • You will create the foundation to attract true love.

  • You will finally understand men and why they do what they do, and say what they say.


  • You will discover how to get it right from the beginning. I will guide you step by step so you attract and keep exactly what you want.


  • You will discover all the shortcuts, no need to spend 1000 hrs trying to figure it all out. I will be your personal guide for 6 weeks.

  • You will discover how to tell a man is a great catch or just an illusion. This will save you years of pain and disappointment.

​​ ​​

What includes the True Love Attractor System?


1. You get 2 weekly sessions of 60 minutes each, of personal coaching with moi :)  

2. Worksheets and checklists to help you get clarity and achieve your love goals.

3. Email access to me to ask anything.

4. Slides presentations


When? Flexible schedule. Calls must be scheduled at least one day in advance. (In case you have an urgent question, we could set a call the same day).


How? Our calls are done via Zoom or skype, voice or video call. Via phone is also possible (whatsup). It's totally up to you.



Get my book "The Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating" Get It Right This Time, Attract The Love You Want, Fall In Love For The Right Reasons, And Prevent Dead-End Relationships

Topics we will be working on

  • Preparing Your Dating Path

  • The Love Formula

  • Dating Mastery

  • How To Selecting The Right Relationship

What is your investment?


So how do you put a price on your love life? There is no question that having the love life of your dreams is important to you!

You can have me personally coaching you for 6 weeks for only $1997


Don't let your love life to luck, your future depends on it!​


One payment of


TRUE LOVE ATTRACTOR SYSTEM - 6 Weeks Personal Coaching

Plus bonus 

Why I Can Help You?

Even if today I can guide you with your love journey and I find myself in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, there was a time when I was in abusive, energy depleting relationships. I remember one day felt a deep pain in my chest and there I said "No more."  The truth is that nobody knows what a bad relationship can do to you until you are in one. 


After countless years of research, meditation, and even more frustration trying to understand and find the answers. I started having massive breakthroughs.


Since then I've developed a clear framework to attract and keep the loving relationship of my dreams. It wasn’t luck! I followed a clear path and it's the same path that has already helped other women to attract and keep the love life of their dreams and that's why I'm so passionate about helping you with your journey to true love.


Iliana Sanchez

Author of the Empowered Woman's Guide To Dating & Founder of LoveMasteryLife 

Why you can’t miss this program?

  • Because time is a limited source and you want to start accumulating those wonderful moments with your honey.

  • Because waiting for some magic to happen is like playing bingo... hummm... not so sure you want to leave your love life to luck.

  • Because you will have massive breakthroughs and will feel empowered to take action.

  • And last but not least if you provide feedback for this program in written form and allow me to publish it with your photo, I will give an extra bonus call of 90 minutes.

One payment of


TRUE LOVE ATTRACTOR SYSTEM - 6 Weeks Personal Coaching

Plus bonus 

Answers to your FAQ'S


Can anyone do this program?

This program is for any women18-year old and beyond that is interested in discover how to attract the love life of their dreams.


Do you have any other payment methods?

Yes, you can also send me an e-transfer. To give you the details, please send me an email to info@lovemasterylife.com (please note that I can NOT receive the e-transfer on this email :)

How can I get the extra bonus?

First, let me tell you that to get this bonus is totally up to you. No pressure. I want to give you one more bonus to help you with your love journey. All you need to do is provide feedback for this program in written form and allow me to publish it with your photo and I will give you an extra 90-minute coaching call. 

When I will have access to the extra bonus call?

Upon receiving your feedback for this program in written form with your photo we'll schedule your 90-minute coaching call. 

Have questions about the program?


Get in touch.

It will be my pleasure to discuss any questions you might have.

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